Emeute à Kenema – 3 avril 2013


Riot In Kenema… Lebanese clash with Community

awoko.org Thu April 4, 2013 05:51AM

Hell broke loose in the city of Kenema yesterday morning when youths at Yengema corner, Susu town, Circular road, Dama road and Hangha road, in the city centre, took to the streets demanding the opening of an access road from Kenema corner to Kingsway street.
The access road between Kingsway corner and Yengema corner has been in existence for over 40 years but this road was recently closed by one Lebanese businessman Mujay Jaward of 17 Kingsway street, with concrete blocks, preventing pedestrians from using the road.
Police were then deployed at the scene but some of the angry youths started throwing stones at the police resulting in the arrest of some people and the firing of tear gas canisters to disperse the angry crowd.
All commercial activities within the area came to a halt for over three hours, as some people were seen battling against the effect of the tear gas.
Before now, the Lebanese M.M Jaward had claimed that the land belongs to him and he is closing the road because he is being disturbed by people who use the road at night.
The press and some other stakeholders in the city had to intervene which resulted in the removal of the high wall.
Meanwhile, some youths leaders also went to the police station and engaged the Local Unit Commander,(LUC) Sahid Kamara and demanded for the release of all those arrested during the fracas.
The Paramount chief of Nongowa chiefdom PC Amara Bonya Vangahun called on the police to be neutral in dealing with the matter, pointing out that, if the place had not been considered as an access road, there would not have not been any space between the two high walls of the buildings. Read more…


~ par Alain Bertho sur 4 avril 2013.

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