Anniversaire de la Guerre des Malouines : attaque de l’ambassade britannique à Buenos Aires – 2 avril 2012

Rioters Attack British Embassy In Buenos Aires

1:54am UK, Tuesday April 03, 2012

Demonstrators have attacked the British embassy compound in Buenos Aires on the 30th anniversary of the 1982 Falklands War.

Members of the extremist Quebracho movement charged the compound in the Argentine capital after smashing through a protective barrier.

Riot officers forced them back before some demonstrators launched missiles and flares at police, who returned fire with rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas.

In the minutes prior to the attack, extremists had set fire to a Union Jack flag and an effigy of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

Speaking to Sky News Online, Quebracho leader Fernando Esteche, said: « The burning of the flag and effigy symbolised our disgust at this British invasion of our national territory.

« This includes Britain’s monarchy, which is directly responsible. »

In a statement the Foreign Office said: « We condemn the violent actions of a minority during today’s demonstration.Mas…

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~ par Alain Bertho sur 3 avril 2012.


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