« Occupy Wall Street » : affrontement à New-York – 18 mars 2012

Police break up Occupy’s St Patrick’s Day party: Officers and Wall Street protesters clash and 73 arrested at New York park where movement began six months ago


18 March 2012 |


Protesters gathered at Zuccotti Park on six-month anniversary of movement

Latest count has 73 people arrested in the famed park

On the six-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, protesters swarmed its birthplace –Zuccotti Park – again sparking the cat-and-mouse clashes between New York City police officers and demonstrators.

The sweep of the park by police just before midnight capped a day of demonstrations and marching in lower Manhattan. As of Sunday afternoon, there were 73 people were detained by police.

The clashes began around 11.30pm Saturday night as protesters began breaking the official rule of the park which forbids the use of tents in an effort to curb overnight protests.

Witnesses claimed that police gave the protesters very little notice before police entered the park and forced the protesters out. Some even said that police beat the protesters as they detained them, though there are no official figures to check those claims against.  Read more…

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~ par Alain Bertho sur 19 mars 2012.


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