« Occupy Portland » affronte la police – 30 octobre 2011

Police brutality at Occupy Portland today



 27 members of Occupy Portland were arrested in the early hours Sunday. They were severely manhandles by police without provocation, and several report being injured while in police custody.

Portland has been practically a poster child of good city/Occupation relations. Mayor Sam Adams has been a supporter; and Oregon Congressment Peter DeFazio and Earl Blumenauer spoke at an Occupation rally yesterday. (See video, next page) When the occupation shut down a main city street it was several days before the police moved in to make arrests, and even then it was only a few die-hards; the rest of the Occupation had already come to an agreement with police to free up the street.

So why on earth would we be looking at the spectacular police over-reaction that happened at 3 this morning, personally witness by Mayor Adams?

Occupiers have been allowed to camp in a pair of facing parks in downtown Portland, but had been warned they wouldn’t be able to take over other parks. That was the issue this time: The Occupiers wanted to spread the movement to Jameson Square, in the wealthy Pearl District. Read more…

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~ par Alain Bertho sur 31 octobre 2011.

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