« Occupy Nashville » défie le couvre feu – 28 octobre 2011

Tenn. protesters to challenge curfew for 3rd night

Associated Press

Saturday, October 29, 2011

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Occupy Nashville protesters said Saturday that they plan to continue challenging a new curfew used to disband their encampment, despite two nights of arrests.

Tennessee state troopers arrested 26 people on Friday night, less than twenty-four hours after a pre-dawn raid where 29 were arrested. In both cases, the night magistrate refused to jail the protesters.

The arrests came after Republican Gov. Bill Haslam‘s administration on Thursday announced it had created a 10 p.m. curfew and posted notices at the Legislative Plaza, near the Capitol.

About 150 Occupy Nashville protesters gathered for a meeting Saturday, and several said they would again challenge the curfew.

One posted new signs next to those announcing the curfew. The text was from Article 1 of the Tennessee Constitution, including the right to assemble.

The Tennessean newspaper reported early Saturday morning (http://tnne.ws/vE2PXN) that Magistrate Tom Nelson told troopers delivering the protesters to jail that he could « find no authority anywhere for anyone to authorize a curfew anywhere on Legislative Plaza. »

All 26 people arrested Friday night were charged with trespassing; two were also charged with public intoxication; and one was also charged with criminal impersonation, Department of Safety spokeswoman Jennifer Donnals said. The judicial commissioner refused to issue warrants for any of the charges.

Officials said 72 troopers were involved in the curfew enforcement. Read more …

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~ par Alain Bertho sur 30 octobre 2011.

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