Emeute à La Loche (Saskatchewan) – 30 septembre 2011

A violent mob torched vehicles in La Loche, Sask. last Friday.


3 10 2011

Three men have been charged after a violent mob attacked police, set fire to a cop car and tried to storm a hospital early Friday in LaLoche, Sask.

The melee started after two men tried to speed by a police truck on their ATVs. One of them crashed into a ditch and the other fled the scene.

While officers were tending to the 29-year-old man, who’d passed out, beer cans and bottles started to rain down on them from several people who’d been partying at two nearby homes, police said.

People surrounded the police truck, swearing and blaming the cops for the injuries to the unconscious man. When the ambulance arrived, the EMS personnel were also pelted with bottles, cans and other debris, police said.

The ATV driver was taken to hospital, where police and hospital staff had to barricade the doors to keep out the crowd of what they estimated to be 50-70 people that had shown up and tried to get in. Police believe the mob was trying to get at them and « forcibly remove » them, the release said.

« Members resorted to using pepper spray on several persons in the crowd to stop the entry, » police said. Read more…

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La Loche is a northern village located in northwestern Saskatchewan. The second largest community in northern Saskatchewan, it is located on Highway 155 on the eastern shore of Lac La Loche in Canada’s boreal forest.

~ par Alain Bertho sur 4 octobre 2011.

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