Emeute raciste contre les Rroms de Katunitsa – 24 septembre 2011

Ethnic Violence in Bulgaria Goes Wild: Crowd Sets Ablaze House of Roma Boss


September 24, 2011, Saturday

An angered crowd of ethnic Bulgarians has set on fire the estate of notorious Romaclan leader Kiril Rashkov, aka Tsar Kiro, in the village of Katunitsa after ethnic tensions escalated to an unprecedented high.

The luxury estate of Tsar Kiro, in which members of his family reside, has been set aflame from all sides, as riot police are unable to stop rioters.

Fire squads are attempting to quench up the blazes, as protesters keep on vandalizing the property.

According to senior police sources, the members of Tsar Kiro‘s family who were present at the site have been safely escorted by police out of the village.

Tensions first flared up Friday evening, after what locals describe as the intentionall running over and killing of a local 19-year-old ethnic Bulgarian by a car full of Romapeople.

Local Bulgarian residents went to vandalize the property of the famous and influential local Roma leader, but were largely restrained by a 200-strong deployment of police.

However, reports have it that Saturday evening rioters are not Katunitsa locals, but rather extremist football fans of the two major teams in nearby city of Plovdiv, Lokomotiv and Botev.

People in Katunitsa are reported to alarmed at the escalation of violence, as they fear what effects the conflict will have on the future of life in the village. read more…

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~ par Alain Bertho sur 25 septembre 2011.

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