Emeutes à Brixton, Enfield, Islington et Oxford Circus (Londres) après la mort d’un jeune – 7 août 2011

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London riots: live


08 Aug 2011

This is our live coverage of the riots and disturbances in London, which on Sunday night brought looting and disruption to large areas of the capital.

By Josie Ensor, Andrew Hough and Raf Sanchez

Up to 200 youths went on the rampage in Enfield, north London, smashing windows on the high street, setting fire to cars and looting stores at a nearby retail park.

Riot police were called to the town centre, part of a usually quiet commuter suburb, at around 6:30pm after hooded youths, including dozens of teenage girls, attacked police cars. Bricks and slabs of concrete were thrown at buildings.

Running battles between the youths and police continued through the evening, as bricks were hurled at police vans attempting to lock down the area.

Stella Creasy MP for nearby Walthamstow called for people to steer clear of the town centre, fearing the looting would spread, while sources confirmed a group of masked youths were throwing stones at vehicles and at Westfield Shopping Centre in White City, west London before moving on to the BBC television centre.

In Edmonton there were reports of a stabbing outside a working men’s club while in south London, police in Brixton came under a missile attack after they tried to stop an altercation between youths as tension remained high following Saturday’s riots. Stones and bottles were also thrown at officers in separate attacks.

In Enfield, which saw the worst trouble last night, police were forced to call in dozens of extra police with dogs and officers on horseback as reinforcements. Read more…

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~ par Alain Bertho sur 8 août 2011.

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