Srikakulam (Andhra Pradesh) : un village de pêcheurs contre une usine électrique – 25 février 2011

Power plant protest turns violent; 25 hurt

The Times of India

TNN, Feb 26, 2011

VADDITANDRA (SRIKAKULAM): A war-like situation prevailed in this small fisherfolk village in Santabommali mandal on Friday after the anti-power plant agitation turned violent. Police lobbed tear gas shells and fired rubber bullets on the protesters. Twenty-five people, including seven cops, were injured in the melee. Seven cops, including DSP of Kasibugga town A V L Prasanna Kumar, suffered injuries when over 200 villagers attacked them with sticks, iron rods and chilli powder. The protesters even pelted stones when cops tried to remove them from their dharna camp in Vadditandra junction near the proposed mega power plant in Srikakulam district. About 130 people were taken into custody. Read more…

Fisherfolk, police clash in Srikakulam village

Express News Service

26 Feb 2011

T Appala Naidu

SRIKAKULAM: The fishermen of Santabommali mandal, who have been protesting against the setting up of a thermal power plant in the mandal, today fought a pitched battle with police leading to tension in the village. About 15 villagers and a couple of policemen were injured in the clashes.

Reminding the clashes between villagers of Sompeta and police in the district sometime ago, the villagers attacked the police personnel with sticks and the latter retaliated by firing tear gas shells.

People of Vadditandra village have been staging relay hunger strikes for the past 195 days while those of Hanumantunaidu Peta have been on a noncooperation movement for one month protesting against the setting up of a 2,640 MW thermal power plant by the East Coast Energy Private Limited in the mandal. 

According to reports, trouble started in the afternoon when the police forced their way into the 150odd houses in Vadditandra, dragged the inmates out and thrashed men and women, irrespective of their age.

The police were allegedly trying to evacuate the fishermen village, which was half a km away from the project site, anticipating trouble from the villagers during unloading of the plant equipment which was expected to arrive in two days.

The villagers largely remained indoors since the morning as Sec 144 was in force and leaders of Bhavanapadu Thermal Plant Vyatireka Samithi, who were fighting against the thermal plant, including M Narasinga Rao, Ramireddy, Kutro and D Srinivas, were house arrested.

However, police, suspecting that trouble could be brewing, broke open the doors of houses and either arrested the villagers or drove them away.Read more…

~ par Alain Bertho sur 26 février 2011.

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