Affrontements à Baramulla et Sopore – 22 février 2011

Arrests Spark Clashes In North

Srinagar, Feb 23, KONS: Protests and clashes shut down parts of Baramulla and Sopore towns in north Kashmir on Tuesday after violent groups of youth took to the streets to decry overnight arrests by the army and the police.

A number of people were reported to have been rounded up in Baramulla during raids on Monday night after violent protests flared up in the town last evening over unprovoked army assaults on pedestrians following demonstrations.

Protests broke out afresh this morning as news of the arrests spread, and the demonstrators retaliated with stones when the police and the paramilitary forces tried to block their procession.

Street battles between the two sides continued for several hours, shutting down several parts of the town and disrupting traffic.

The sister township of Sopore also witnessed violence after ten persons, including a young woman, were arrested by the police during raids at various places.

The police says that those arrested were involved in disrupting law and order and that cases have been registered against them in the local police station.

Brick-batting broke out in the town’s bus stand area and the main square as groups of youth targeted the police and the paramilitary deployments with stones, closing down shops in the localities.



~ par Alain Bertho sur 24 février 2011.

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