Elections : affrontements à Minsk – 19 décembre 2010


Protesters try to storm Belarus government building


19 Dec 2010

Thousands of opposition protesters in Belarus tried to storm the main government building following the country’s presidential election.

Protesters broke windows and glass doors, but were pushed back by riot police waiting inside the building, which also houses the Central Election commission.

Hundreds of protesters were then arrested as they clashed with police, who used stun grenades and truncheons to quell the activists.

Earlier, an opposition candidate, Vladimir Neklyayev, 64, was seriously injured when he was beaten by riot police while leading a few hundred of his supporters to the demonstration. His wife said he was taken to hospital. More…

Belarus protesters beaten, disperse after after clashes with police

The Associated Press

Sunday, Dec. 19, 2010

Yuras Karmanau

Thousands of opposition supporters in Belarus tried to storm the main government building to protest what they claim was large-scale vote-rigging in Sunday’s presidential election, but they were driven back and beaten by riot police.

Dozens of protesters were injured in clashes with the police, left bruised and bloody after being beaten with clubs. An Associated Press reporter at the scene also was struck on the head, back and arm.

Up to 40,000 opposition activists rallied in central Minsk to call for longtime authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko to step down. It was the largest opposition rally since mass street protests against Mr. Lukashenko in 1996, but it was over within hours. By late Sunday, police had cleared Independence Square of all demonstrators.

Protesters broke windows and glass doors of the government building, which also houses the Central Election Commission, but they were repelled by riot police waiting inside. Hundreds more riot police and Interior Ministry troops then arrived in trucks and sent most of the demonstrators fleeing. Some tried to hide in the courtyards of nearby apartment buildings, but were bludgeoned by troops waiting inside the courtyards. More…


~ par Alain Bertho sur 20 décembre 2010.

Une Réponse to “Elections : affrontements à Minsk – 19 décembre 2010”

  1. C’est difficie à expliquer ,mais les derneres années dans les pays de l’EX URSS toutes les élections finissent par des manifestations,des affrontements entre les militaires,la police et le peuple et on sait meme pas les puissance mondiale que ça soit l’Europe,les Etats Unis ou la Russie ils ferment ses yeux,ils ignorent tout ce qui se passe ou tout simplement ils donnent leur accord restant tout neutre….

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