Violences racistes à Moscou – 15 décembre 2010

Race Riots in Russia

Posted by Julia Ioffe 16 12 2010

Wednesday was shaping up to be a day of excitement in Moscow. But the verdict expected in the second trial of the jailed oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky (whom David Remnick writes about in the current issue) was postponed; an unceremonious note taped to the courthouse door announced the delay. Meanwhile, across the ice-clogged Moscow River, a gathering army of police was bracing for a race riot, the second in four days.

Tensions have been running high here ever since the night of December 6th, when a soccer fan named Egor Sviridov was killed, allegedly by a group of eight men from the Caucasus, a region between the Black and Caspian Seas whose residents are stereotyped much like Italian-Americans once were in the United States: as dark-haired, swarthy, passionate southerners with a taste for organized crime. Their complexions are why Russians call them “black,” or, worse, “blackasses.” When the Soviet Union collapsed, many Caucasians—but also ethnic Russians, Ukrainians, and others—began migrating to Moscow, increasingly the center of commerce and opportunity. The day after the killing, rumors began to circulate that other Caucasians had bribed officials to release the presumptive perpetrators from jail. Sviridov’s fellow soccer fans, enraged at the corrupt police and the alleged Caucasian killers, rioted and closed off one of Moscow’s biggest thoroughfares. The police arrested no one. More…

Affrontements interethniques à Moscou

Avec sa correspondante à Moscou, Anastasia Becchio

15 12 2010

Extrême droite contre Caucasiens, Moscou a connu ce mercredi 16 décembre une journée noire avec des affrontements qui se sont déroulés à deux pas du Kremlin. Une poussée d’extrême droite nationaliste qui se solde par un millier d’interpellations. Ce phénomène prend de l’ampleur, à tel point que Dmitri Medvedev avait dénoncé, il y a quelques jours de véritables « pogroms » tout en recommandant aux entreprises de penser à faire travailler d’abord les Russes.

La police de Moscou affirme que la situation est sous contrôle, mais elle reste en alerte. Elle redoute de nouveaux affrontements interethniques. La place Rouge est bouclée, tout comme la place du Manège, toute proche. C’est dans ce quartier que s’étaient produits les heurts violents, samedi dernier. Lire plus…

Clashes ‘provoked’ as 1,500 detained

by Lidia Okorokova at 16/12/2010 20:27

A new wave of unrest hit Moscow on Wednesday after a series of provocative Internet messages rallied both ethnic minorities and ultranationalists to “strike back at each other after Manezhnaya Ploshchad,” referring to Saturday’s riots near the Kremlin, which left some 30 people injured.

Wednesday’s clashes started after a crowd of 2,000 people gathered in front of the Yevropeisky shopping mall near Kievsky Station, chanting ultranationalist slogans and attacking police.

The riots culminated in some 1,500 arrests and over 30 people injured, as aggressive gangs descended into the subway system, sparking skirmishes all over the city.

Three-way confrontation

Experts suspect the new wave of public unrest was initiated by both groups of ultranationalists and Caucasus natives – and possibly even by the law enforcement forces themselves. More…

Andy Potts contributed to this report

~ par Alain Bertho sur 17 décembre 2010.

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