Université : émeute à Londres – 10 décembre 2010

Bloody riot in London as students rampage after tuitions fees vote goes through


by Tom McTague and Alun Palmer in Parliament Square 10/12/2010

THEY came in their thousands to vent their fury at turncoat Lib Dems who betrayed them with broken promises on university fees.

But the peaceful student protests quickly turned to bloody violence yesterday as hundreds of hardcore demonstrators brought terror to the heart of government with riots in streets around ­Parliament.

Thugs fought pitched battles with police, mounted officers charged groups of ­protesters, blood flowed on the pavements and fires glowed in the night air as MPs inside the Commons narrowly voted to triple university fees, sparking wide-spread anger.Read more…

Camilla hit with stick during riot


11 12 2010

POLICE probe riots after worst royal security scare in 36 years, as police were seconds from drawing their guns when a mob began attacking Camilla with sticks.

Royal protection officers feared they would have to open fire as masked rioters began trashing the Rolls-Royce taking her and Prince Charles to the London Palladium.

Thugs hit the Duchess of Cornwall through an open window before Charles bundled her to the floor.

They also smashed a passenger window shrieking: “Off with their heads!” and pelted the vintage motor with paint bombs and rubbish. More…


~ par Alain Bertho sur 11 décembre 2010.

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