Guerre urbaine : l’armée intervient dans les favelas de Rio – 26 novembre 2010

Rio Gets Army Help Amid Unrest as Police Occupy Slums

By Carlos Caminada

Nov 27, 2010

Hundreds of Brazilian soldiers are guarding access to Rio de Janeiro’s biggest crime stronghold as police move in to take control of the slums from drug traffickers after six days of unrest in the beachside city.

An 800-strong Army force is patrolling the surroundings of a dozen shanty towns known as Complexo do Alemao to prevent criminals from escaping. The besieged traffickers shot at police and helicopters for hours yesterday, while attacks on cars and buses spread across Rio for a sixth day. More than 21,000 police are securing the streets. The conflicts have killed 34 people.

The biggest security operation in the city’s history is part of Rio’s drive to end organized crime control of slums, or favelas, ahead of the 2014 soccer World Cup and the 2016 summer Olympics. The government has restored security at 15 favelas in the past two years and set up 12 police departments in these communities. More …

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Rio de Janeiro gun battle sees toddler and photographer among casualties

The Guardian

Saturday 27 November 2010

Violence that has left at least 49 dead within a week is focused on headquarters of city’s oldest drug faction

A two-year-old girl and a Reuters photographer were wounded and at least seven people killed yesterday during the third day of gunbattles in Rio de Janeiro.

The unprecedented violence, which has so far left at least 49 people dead, is focused on the Complexo do Alemão, a labyrinth of red-brick houses that is the headquarters of Rio’s oldest drug faction, the Red Command. MORE…

30 morts dans des affrontements entre policiers et trafiquants à Rio

25.11.2010, 22h55

Scènes de guerre dans les ghettos de Rio. Pour la cinquième journée d’affilée, 200 policiers et six blindés ont investi les favelas de la ville brésilienne, dans le cadre d’une opération de reconquête des quartiers contrôlés par les trafiquants de drogue.


Selon le dernier bilan des autorités, cette nouvelle journée d’affrontement armés a fait au moins 30 morts, dont au moins 23 étaient des narcotrafiquants présumés. Lire plus…

Brazil deploys soldiers in drug clashes

27 11 2010

Brazilian soldiers have joined forces with police in Rio de Janeiro to drive out suspected drug traffickers after six days of violence. Thirty-five people are reported to have died. More…

Rio Cops, Troops Seem Ready to Invade Gang Haven

The Associated Press

By JULIANA BARBASSA Associated Press

RIO DE JANEIRO November 27, 2010 (AP)

Rio police, troops surround drug gang stronghold, appear to be readying for invasion of Soldiers and police fought with gangsters hunkered down in the twisting alleys of a sprawling shantytown, blocking the escape of drug traffickers in an escalating confrontation that promised residents a dangerous weekend. Read more…

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