Emeute à Wadi Ara وادي عارة‎ après un accident mortel – 30 octobre 2010

21 year-old dies in Wadi Ara car crash; riot nearly starts



Man trying to escape police blocked bus’s path causing it to overturn; police source: Youths who hurled rocks will be arrested.

A lethal car crash occurred on Saturday in which a 21-yearold driver from Umm el-Fahm, who tried to flee police, died after slamming his jeep into a bus.

The accident threatened to turn into a full-scale riot when several residents of Umm el- Fahm gathered around the accident scene and threw rocks at emergency workers.

A police source told The Jerusalem Post that police were due to make arrests of suspected rock-throwers in the near future.

“I believe they will be arrested soon,” the source said.

The incident began when Ahmad Jabril was spotted by traffic officers talking on a cellphone and driving without a seat belt on Route 65, near the village of Mushraifa on Saturday afternoon, police said.

A Traffic Police car pulled Jabril over, but as the policeman exited his vehicle and walked toward Jabril’s jeep, the driver fled the scene at high speed and attempted a U-turn a short distance further on, resulting in a head-on collision with a bus carrying people who had returned from a day-trip to the North.

The bus flipped on its side and fell into a roadside ditch.

Jabril was instantly killed in the crash, and 20 bus passengers were lightly injured. They were taken to the Emek Medical Center in Afula, together with a policeman who suffered a facial injury during the clash with the youths from Umm el- Fahm.

Police refused to confirm reports Saturday evening that a computer check had revealed Jabril’s driver’s license was invalid for the sports utility vehicle he was driving.

In a separate incident, Jaber Abu Kaf, 24, a Beduin, was killed overnight Friday when two vehicles collided on Route 25 near Nevatim in the Negev.

Northern Israel Arabs riot after car accident



Northern Israel residents stone paramedics after accident between car, bus; police called to scene

Arab residents of northern Israel stoned emergency forces called in to treat the victims of a car accident on Highway 65 Saturday.

At least one person was killed and 15 others were lightly wounded after a car collided with a bus at the entrance to a local community. An initial investigation revealed that the accident was caused after the driver of the car attempted to flee from police.

Local residents clashed with paramedics called to the scene to treat the wounded and hurled stones at them. Police forces were promptly dispatched to the area and calmed the tensions.

Following the accident, the highway was temporarily blocked for traffic in both directions. Heavy traffic jams continued in the area even after the road reopened, as local residents continued to gather at the site.

Tensions have been high in the Wadi Ara region in northern Israel, after local residents clashed with police and rioted Wednesday to protest a rightist march in the town of Umm al-Fahm. The march, organized by 25 rightist activists demanding that Israel’s Islamic Movement be outlawed, prompted anger among Arab residents, who prepared a rude welcome for the marchers.

Police deployed in force in town and fired stun and gas grenades at rioters. Several Arab protestors were detained and five police officers were wounded in the riots.

Arab Mob’s Reaction to Accident: Hurl Rocks at Ambulance


31 10 2010

Arabs with Israeli citizenship reacted violently Saturday to a traffic accident caused by an Arab driver, who was killed in the crash. They pelted security forces and emergency crews with rocks, for no apparent reason other than the knowledge that they could get away with it.

The accident took at the Musheirfeh junction in Wadi Ara, just a couple of kilometers away from the archaeological site of Megiddo. Police volunteers who were manning a checkpoint spotted a driver who was driving without a seat belt, and talking on a cellular phone. They motioned him to stop over at the side of the road and began approaching his car. Instead of doing as he was told, the driver tried to get away, executing a sudden U-turn on Highway 65 and getting in the way of a bus that was speeding northward. The bus hit the car, killing the car’s driver, Ahmed Jabareen, 21, of Umm El-Fahm. The force of the collision threw the bus into a shallow ditch at the side of the road, which is a major artery that connects the Galilee with the coastal Hadera area.

The bus was reportedly carrying workers from a security-related factory in central Israel. Fifteen of them were lightly hurt in the crash. It is not known why the workers were being transported on Saturday, the Jewish day of rest.

According to the bus’s driver, immediately after the accident, hundreds – perhaps thousands – of local Arabs from surrounding villages and the city of Umm El-Fahm came out to the site of the crash. Instead of offering help to the passengers of the bus, some of them began hurling rocks at security forces, fire trucks and ambulances that arrived on the scene.

Highway 65 was sealed off for a period of time until police cleared the locals from the road. The road was blocked for an entire week in the October 2000 riots, a seditious event that was timed to coincide with the launching of Yasser Arafat’s barbaric terror war against Israel, known by Arabs as the Second Intifadah.


Wadi Ara (Arabic: وادي عارة‎) is a former Palestinian Arab village located 38.5 km south of the city of Haifa. It is named after the nearby stream that is known in Arabic as Wadi ‘Ara. The village was particularly small with a population of 230 and a land area of approximately 9,800 dunums.

~ par Alain Bertho sur 31 octobre 2010.

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