Affrontements à Namsai (Arunachal Pradesh) – octobre 2010

Several injured as clashes rock Lohit

Dibrugarh, Oct. 23 2010

Arunachal Pradesh as the Lohit district administration called for additional central forces following clashes between indigenous people and others in Namsai subdivision of the district today.

Sources said around 50 people, including some policemen, were injured during clashes in the 2 Mile area between Mahadevpur and Namsai in Lohit district around 11am today. The deputy commissioner of Lohit district, R.K. Sarma, who rushed from the district headquarters, Tezu, to the site, said over phone that “the situation was tense and additional forces had been called for deployment in vulnerable areas”.

Sarma, however, declined to comment on what triggered the clash and stated that the priority of the administration was restoration of normality.

Trouble broke out when a procession organised by the Lohit Changlang Development Forum — which represents people from the Deori, Ahom, Moran, Nepali, Lishu, Adivasi, Mising, Sonowal-Kachari and the Koiborta communities — marched towards the subdivisional headquarters town of Namsai from Dirak Gate in Mahadevpur at 9am demanding permanent residential status.

“We had permitted the rallyists to proceed up to a certain distance but they, numbering around 20,000, tried to cross the mark, which prompted the police to use force,” a police official said. Local sources said the rallyists were provoked by a group of around 20 armed indigenous people who threatened them to leave.

Many were injured as the situation turned worse. Some indigenous poeple also attacked the residence of minister Chowna Mein at Namsai and ransacked it.The nine communities residing in Arunachal Pradesh for several decades had been demanding permanent resident certificates for various reasons.

The state government, too, had adopted a decision on June 24 this year to give them permanent resident certificates.

The government decision sparked off severe protests from the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union and Tai Khampti Students’ Union, forcing revocation of the decision.

The Lohit Changlang Development Forum had been campaigning on behalf of the nine communities against the government’s decision.and today’s procession was taken out to press for the demand of issuing permanent residential certificates

Police fire in air, thousands protest revoking PRC

Oct 23,2010

Itanagar, Oct 23 (PTI) Police fired in air and resorted to lathicharge to scare away a mob as thousands protested the Arunachal government’s decision to revoke the order of granting permanent residential certificate (PRCs) to non-Arunachalees at Namsai in Lohit district today.Deputy Commissioner R K Sharma said as locals gathered to challenge thousands of people coming in a procession from Mahadevpur in Changlang district to Namsai, police had to lathicharge and fire several rounds in the air to disperse the mob.While the DC put the number of injured in lathicharge at 2, unconfirmed reports said over 50 persons were injured.Additional police and paramilitary forces have been posted in the area.The state government last month revoked its order for granting PRCs to non-Arunachalees residing in Lohit and Changlang districts after protest by various student bodies including mass-based organizations.


Lohit is an administrative district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India. The district headquarters are located at Tezu. The district occupies an area of 11,402 km² and has a population of 143,478 (as of 2001).

This area was one of the last territories to be brought under British control after the punitive Abor and Mishmi Expedition in the first decade of the 20th Century, and was known earlier as the Mishmi Hills. The district is named after the Lohit River, from the Sanskrit Louhitya, reddish- or rust-coloured, and consists of the river valley and hills/mountains to the North and South.

The area is highly inaccessible, and it was only in 2004 that a permanent bridge has been made operational across the Lohit at the holy site of Parashuram Kund, giving round-the-year connection to Tezu. East of Tezu (about 100 km) lies the small town of Hayuliang, and this is slated to become the headquarters of a new district. The road along the Lohit runs right up to the small garrison town of Walong just south of the China border, site of the famous Battle of Walong in 1962.

Lohit is the home of the Adi, Zekhring, Khampti, Deori, Ahom, Singpho, Chakmas and Mishmi tribes. A small group of Tibetan refugees have settled in Lohit since the 1960s. The Zekhring are Tibetan Buddhists; the Khampti ,Chakmas and Singpho are Theravada Buddhists, and the Mishmi are mainly Animists.The Chakmas inhabit a land which is surrounded in all side by two mighty rivers, the Kamlang to the north and Guri Kamlang to the south. There is no proper bridge on Guri Kamlang which can connect the people to Chowkham. They have to walk on a swinging bridge on which its very difficult to carry goods. Every election time the people demand for a new permanent bride over the Guri Kamlang but none of the elected MLAs sufficed to their demands. Ahoms are residing at Namsai and Mahadevpur circle of Lohit district. The Singphos are very few in numbers in comparison to the other tribes. This can be blamed to its not mingling with the other societies.[citation needed] The Singhpos do not make houses near each other and seeing houses in proximity to other houses are rare. They like to stay isolated and have a likeliness to stay peaceful

~ par Alain Bertho sur 24 octobre 2010.

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  1. Intéressant, je fais suivre l’info à Emilie :-)

  2. good information on the tribes. Keep it up !

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