Violences islamophobes à Leicester – 9 octobre 2010

Violence flares at English Defence League protest in Leicester

09 Oct 2010

A number of police and members of the public have been injured as protesters from the English Defence League and a rival organisation gathered in Leicester.

Officers wearing riot gear and dog handlers worked to keep a crowd of EDL supporters under control as bricks and coins were thrown at police.

The EDL held a static demonstration and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) staged a counter-protest in the Humberstone Gate East area of the city.

At least 1,400 officers were drafted in from 12 other forces to deal with the demonstrations, the city’s largest policing operation in 25 years.

EDL supporters arrived from across the country in coaches throughout the morning.

They were permitted to gather ahead of the protests in Hotel Street, Leicester, with police monitoring the groups in four different pubs.

With many wearing EDL branded hoodies and carrying banners, they met in and around the pubs, monitored by officers and police evidence gatherers.

Some chanted  »EDL, EDL » while others carried banners reading slogans including  »Sharia laws will destroy Britain and all our British values ».

Before the protests started, police said one person was arrested for drugs offences and another three people were also arrested.

Earlier this week, Theresa May, the Home Secretary, authorised a blanket ban on marches in Leicester, but the groups were still permitted to hold static demonstrations in Humberstone Gate East in the city from 2pm to 3.30pm.

The area was shut down by police today, with rival groups placed either side of metal barriers.

Much of the city centre appeared quiet and some shops were boarded up near to the protest site.

Police were using Section 14 of the Public Order Act which meant officers could take action against anyone who protests outside that place and time.

They were also using stop and search powers, and were supported by the dog unit, mounted unit and East Midlands Air Support Unit.

At one point a policeman was put into a buggy-style ambulance on a stretcher.

Some EDL protesters were also treated by police medics, it is unclear what their injuries were.

Police said around 1,000 EDL supporters had turned up and approximately 700 UAF demonstrators.

Anti-immigration riots in Leicester

Oct 10, 2010

In the English city of Leicester riots broke out during a demonstration held  by right-wing extremists against immigrants. They were especially targeting Muslims.

The protesters, included activists of « The English Defense League”, and sparked clashes with police. British nationalists arrived by bus and gathered in Leicester from other cities. They gathered at the same place where representatives of the left were holding a counter-demonstration organized by the organization « Unite Against Fascism, » which aims to stop the growing influence of right-wing forces in the UK. Currently security forces are able to control the participants of the two demonstrations and prevent further clashes between them.

The group of right wing extremists also provoked clashes with residents of the black community of Leicester and people of Asian descent, including many Pakistanis.

Leicester is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in England. White Britons make up 58 percent of its population. The other residents are mostly immigrants from South Asia, Africa, India, China and Poland.

PC hurt in mass riots


A city’s police mounted their biggest operation for 25 years yesterday as rival protesters clashed in the streets.

More than 1,400 officers sealed off part of central Leicester as marchers for Unite Against Fascism faced up to 1,000 members of the right-wing English Defence League as they held a demo.

A pc was hurt but later left hospital after treatment.

Edl supporters were seized as smoke bombs were thrown at reporters and police. Some were later charged with public order offences.

Earlier this week Home Secretary Theresa May had banned any marches in Leicester. But she allowed the rival groups to hold static protests in the area.

4 arrested in clashes between police, far-right protesters in northern England

Associated Press

09 10 2010

LONDON — A far-right group known for staging violent protests against what it calls the spread of Islam in Britain clashed with police Saturday in a northern English city. Four people were arrested and a police officer had to be hospitalized.

Nearly 1,400 police officers, including some in riot gear and on horseback, were called to contain about 1,000 activists from the English Defence League who gathered in Leicester for a demonstration.

Police said missiles were thrown at them and one officer has been taken to the hospital. Some protesters — many of them young men — broke away from the designated protest area at one point to confront gangs of local youths.

Supporters of the English Defence League, a right-wing group set up last year, began travelling around the country demonstrating against what they call the spread of sharia, or Islamic law, in England last summer.

The group insists it is peaceful, but critics say it is racist and tends to stir up unrest. On Saturday, about 700 members of a leftist group called Unite Against Fascism, called a counter-demonstration nearby.

The two opposing groups had clashed during similar rallies last year in northern English cities such as Leeds and Manchester.


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