Football : affrontements au Caire – octobre 2010

Egypt police say 11 policemen injured in violence during weekend Egypt-Tunisia football match

Associated Press

4 10 2010

CAIRO — The Egyptian police say 11 officers were hurt when angry Tunisian football fans ripped out stadium seats, threw them about and hurled fireworks into the pitch during a tense weekend match between Al-Ahly and visiting Esperance of Tunisia.

A police report released on Monday says the disturbance took place during the first leg of an African Champions League semifinal played Sunday evening in Cairo. The host Al-Ahly won 2-1.

The police say dozens of Tunisians were arrested after policemen rushed into the stands to stop the fans from rioting.

Egyptian TV carried live footage of half-naked Tunisian fans beating up and kicking the policemen.

Egypt and north African countries have a history of football matches soured by fan violence.

Clashes break out after Ahly-Esperance game

Daily News Egypt

October 4, 2010

CAIRO: A civil security officer sustained serious head injuries and multiple fractures during clashes that took place in Cairo Stadium Sunday evening during the match between the Egypt’s Ahly and Tunisian Esperance.

Other officers and Esperance fans also sustained minor injuries.

Eleven Esperance fans were detained by Egyptian police and face charges of assaulting security personnel and causing unrest.

Clashes broke out after Ahly’s 2-1 Champion’s League win. According to police, the Esperance fans started attacking the civil defense officers.

The Tunisian fans also broke the chairs of the stadium and three them into the field.

Eye witnesses told Daily News Egypt that Tunisian fans initiated the attacks, grabbed the fire extinguishers that the security men were holding to break up the crowds and used them to beat the security officers.

In retaliation, some young Ahly fans gathered around the buses of the Tunisian fans after the match and hurled rocks at them.

According to police reports, the buses were secured and all the Tunisian fans were transported unharmed either to the airport or to their hotels which were guarded by security. –Additional reporting by Tamim Elyan.

~ par Alain Bertho sur 5 octobre 2010.

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