Emeute à Melbourne après l’annulation d’une course d’easternats – mars 2010










A slow burn to ignition as Bob Jame T-Mart torn apart in Oakleigh

Herald Sun

March 23, 2010

A RIOT that saw a Bob Jane T-Marts outlet torn to pieces was months in the making.

Petrol heads had been simmering since June, when the Melbourne Racing Club severed ties with the Easternats’ promoter, Rapid Australia.

Organiser Jon Davison was infuriated by the decision and thousands of race fans rallied to save the event. They were given hope in November when it was announced the event would be at Calder Park.

The word went out a long-term agreement had been made, which would allow more competitors, on-site camping and a drag strip that could be used at night. Unlike Sandown, there would be no residents to complain, and no noise restrictions.

So when a notice went out to competitors on March 14 informing them their dream event had been cancelled, they blamed the owner of Calder Park, Bob Jane.

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Mr Davison said it was Bob Jane who suspended and then cancelled the event contract.

« We received a letter from the City of Brimbank solicitors … they threatened to injunction the event, » he said. « Given the fact we had no contract, no security and no permission by the council to proceed with the event at that time, we had no choice but to accept Bob Jane’s termination. He terminated on contractual conditions but there was a lot more to it than that. »

Mr Davison said organisers had tried to work through the council issues, but were unable to do so in the time frame. « We had no choice but to accept the cancellation and make a public statement. »

Mr Davison said the decision caused anger. « A very small minority have obviously taken the matter into their own hands. We know nothing about the riot, we’re not party to it and don’t agree with it. »

Calder Park manager Ian MacArthur said Bob Jane T-Mart had no say in the cancellation.

Mr Davison said he was determined to find the Easternats a new home. s

« I believe it is essential that there is an event like this and it is very, very necessary because it gets all of the kids off the roads, » he said.

Easternats riots ‘an absolute disgrace’: promoter


21 03 2010

The promoter of the Easternats drag racing event has denied any knowledge of Friday night’s riot in the Melbourne suburb of Oakleigh.

The event was to have been held at Melbourne’s Calder Park raceway, but was cancelled.

Up to 2,000 people were involved in the protest targeting the tyre company that sponsored the event.

The police air wing, dog squad and force response unit were called to a tyre shop when protesters tried to smash the windows and flares were let off.

Promoter John Davison says the event was cancelled by Bob Jane, who failed to finalise contract negotiations.

Mr Davison says he had no idea the riot would occur, and has condemned those responsible.

« It’s an absolute disgrace, » he said.

« One or two guys associated with the Easternats that are supporters of mine have identified a number of people and handed them into the police. »

Acting Assistant Police Commissioner Neville Taylor says police have a number of leads, but have not yet charged anyone over the riot.

He says the violence escalated quickly and police could not have prevented it.

« An individual has thrown a flare towards a police officer, and that really triggered the violence, » he said.

« The focus for us at that time was really about dispersing the crowd as quickly as possible, and making sure as much as we can that no-one else got injured. »

Police say the rioters caused between $30,000 and $50,000 damage.

Detective Senior Constable Ben Morris says police are confident they will make arrests soon.

« We have positively identified a number of people. Names to faces, » he said.

« They came from information received from the public via phone, via a number of other methods, but also local knowledge and the use of information from local police and detectives. »

The State Opposition has attacked the Government’s public response to the riot.

Victoria’s Sport Minister James Merlino and Police Minister Bob Cameron have condemned the violence.

But the Opposition leader Ted Baillieu wants to know why Premier John Brumby has remained silent.

« This was a planned riot in Victoria, with significant damage to property, and we’ve had virtually no comment from the Government, » he said.

« I think there needs to be a very public expose of exactly what went on here, what the response was, and we need to know why the Government have not commented. »

Thousands riot over Easternats cancellation


Sat Mar 20, 2010

Police say up to 2,000 people were involved in a protest that turned into a riot at a tyre shop in Oakleigh in Melbourne’s south-east.

Racing fans had gathered at the intersection of the Princes Highway and Warrigal Road to protest over the cancellation of the Easternats race meet.

They were targeting Bob Jane, the tyre company that sponsored the event.

Easternats organisers say Bob Jane cancelled the event after failing to finalise contract negotiations.

Police were called in about 11:30pm (AEDT) when the protest turned violent.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Neville Taylor says the event started peacefully, before people started smashing windows and damaging a car.

« At one particular time, some person decided it would be smart to throw a flare towards one of our police officers, and this has really sparked the riotous behaviour, » he said.

« We had about 50 police units that were in attendance in response to this, and our aim was about dispelling that crowd, to maintain the community safety. »

He says police have video footage of what happened.

« We’ve got some very good footage of that riot that took place there, so they’ll be aiming to identify probably the key people who were involved in the actual behaviour in the riot, as well as the large crowd that was there, » he said.

It is believed tyres and other items were also stolen.

Traffic was stopped at the intersection for two hours, and members of the air wing, dog squad and force response units were brought in to disperse the crowd.

No major injuries have been reported.

Police have called on those responsible to hand themselves in.


Oakleigh is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and is located 15 km south-east from Melbourne’s central business district. Its Local Government Area is the City of Monash. At the 2006 Census, Oakleigh had a population of 6,876.

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