Emeute étudiante à Soweto – mars 2010

Manifestation en Afrique du Sud


18/03 08:

La police sud-africaine a tiré des balles en caoutchouc sur une foule de jeunes qui se sont réunis mercredi à l’extérieur du tribunal d’instance de Soweto pour exprimer leurs griefs face à un rappeur local inculpé d’avoir assassiné quatre écoliers.

Affrontement entre des étudiants et la police en Afrique du Sud


Vendredi 19 Mars 2010

Des étudiants ont lancé des pierres, vendredi, contre des policiers et un tribunal, à Soweto, d’où venait d’être libéré sous caution Molemo Maarohanye (dit Jub Jub), un musicien accusé d’avoir tué quatre jeunes lors d’une course d’une voiture. La police a répliqué en usant de canons à eau contre les 2000 manifestants, raporte BBC. Ces derniers ont menacé de mettre le feu à la maison du célèbre musicien de hip-hop. Des affrontements avaient déjà eu lieu, mercredi, lors de sa première comparution. La police avait alors usé de bombes lacrymogènes pour dispersé les manifestants.

Anger in crowd as Jub Jub and pal make bail


2010/03/20 Miranda Andrew in JOHANNESBURG

SCHOOLCHILDREN chanted: “We want him,” as news broke outside a Soweto court that hip hop artist Jub Jub and his co-accused had been granted bail, while the mother of one of the victims collapsed.

Relatives of the victims immediately ran out of the court building to see the reaction of protesters after magistrate Andre Auret granted bail of R10000 each to Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye and his co-accused Themba Tshabalala.

Jub Jub and Tshabalala were allegedly drag racing their Mini Coopers when they ploughed into the group of teenagers on March 8.

They face charges of murder, attempted murder and reckless and drunken driving after four boys were killed and two badly injured.

The mother of one of the boys killed in the accident collapsed in the court yard. Paramedics rushed to attend to her.

A relative of one of the boys killed said: “It’s really unfair: Four dead, two in hospital.

“They don’t care about the kids. They just want to look after their businesses.

“They don’t deserve bail, but he’ll get what’s coming to him.”

Meanwhile, pupils pushed against the gates of the court building, screaming: “We want him,” as police positioned water cannon and Nyalas.

“Give me water – I’m thirsty!” pupils yelled at the police water cannon, holding up umbrellas tauntingly.

A Congress of SA Students (Cosas) leader told hundreds of protesters that Jub Jub had made bail.

Cosas officials tried to persuade pupils to move away to a nearby park for a “meeting” but were unsuccessful.

Shortly after bail was granted, Jub Jub was seen being escorted to the police station.

Pupils tried to rush to the police station at the back of the court building, but police sprayed them with water.

Several protesters threw stones at court officials, journalists and relatives of the victims who were standing inside the court premises.

Meanwhile the two teenage boys injured in the incident are still in critical condition.

“They are still in ICU (intensive care unit).

“They are going to be there for a while,” said Chris Hani Baragwanath spokesman Nokwanda Dambuza.

“Their condition is still critical. Nothing has changed.” – Sapa

South Africa students riot over ‘car-race musician’


Friday, 19 March 2010

Students in South Africa have thrown stones at police and a court where a musician accused of killing four school pupils in a car race was freed on bail.

Police fired water canon at some 2,000 protesters. Some threatened to burn the Soweto home of hip-hop performer Molemo Maarohanye, known as Jub Jub.

There were similar clashes at his initial court appearance on Wednesday, when police fired rubber bullets.

The judge said Jub Jub and his co-accused should move during the trial.

In granting bail of 10,000 rand ($1,360; £900), judge Andre Auret said he was aware that the safety of Jub Jub and fellow accused Themba Tshabalala was at risk.

« [But] I am convinced they have means to protect themselves in various ways – to name only one, they could resettle somewhere else until the case is finalised, » he said.

Some students have threatened to boycott school because of the court’s decision, saying he should not have been freed.

Some had been waiting outside the Protea Magistrate’s Court for more than five hours.

The BBC’s Nomsa Maseko in Soweto says the two accused were escorted out of court through a rarely used entrance by a number of heavily armed police officers, before being driven away in a private vehicle.

Jub Jub is one of South Africa’s best known hip-hop stars.

The trial has been set for 7 April.

School Kids Riot Over Hip-Hop Star’s Bail


March 19, 2010

South African Singer Accused of Running Over Kids While Drag Racing, Killing 4, Released Despite Death Threats

(CBS/AP) South African police have fired water cannons and fired rubber bullets at angry youths and children protesting a court decision to grant bail to a hip-hop artist accused of killing four children while drag racing.

After a tense three-day hearing in Johannesburg’s Soweto township, a judge freed Molemo Maarohanye – known as « Jub Jub, » which means Marshmallow – on 10,000 rand ($1,360) bail.

Maarohanye faces four murder charges and two charges of attempted murder along with co-defendant Themba Tshabalala.

Authorities say the children were run down by a Mini Cooper but it is unknown who was driving the vehicle at the time. Two children remain in critical condition.

Both defendants tested positive for cocaine and morphine after the March 8 race, authorities said.

The Times of Johannesburg reports that during his hearing yesterday, Maarohanye accused the media of trying to « crucify » him, and denied that he had taken alcohol or drugs before the incident. He pleaded with the judge to release him on bail so he could be with his « family and unborn child. »

The case has prompted an outcry in South Africa, and some 2,000 rioting youths and children, many in school uniform, gathered outside the courthouse Wednesday. Some threatened to use mob justice and kill the hip-hop artist and burn down his home if he were granted bail.

One student on his way to the protest today was run over by a truck and killed.

The BBC reports that judge Andre Auret was aware that the safety of the accused was in jeopardy, but said, « I am convinced they have means to protect themselves in various ways. »

The Times reports that students said they would not return to classes until Maarohanye is behind bars.

According to the paper, one group from Mapetla High School threatened to « burn down [Maarohanye’s] house and the courthouse and kill his lawyer » if bail were granted.

The trial has been set for April 7.

The defendants were ushered out of court via a secret passageway under heavy guard.

~ par Alain Bertho sur 20 mars 2010.

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