Emeute à Baltimore après un match – mars 2010

Terps fans storm the court, take over streets


4 mars 2010
There were three quotes I wrote down after emerging from the hot, smelly, sweaty mess of Maryland students who stormed the court after the Terps beat Duke Wednesday night:

1) « This is why I came to Maryland. »

2) « Storming the court is awesome. »

3) « Let’s go to Bentley’s. »

Look, I’m probably contradicting myself here, but why get into semantics about whether it was an appropriate time to storm the court? The win meant a lot of things, from first place in the ACC to senior night for one of the best players in school history to a secure place in the Top 25. Who cares if you’re not « supposed » to storm the court at Maryland? It’s fun as heck, for the students and for the players. Why not? « Act like you’ve been there before? » For whom? Anyhow, many of these students haven’t been there before.

« It was real cool being rushed on the floor, » Landon Milbourne said, according to @1067thefandc. « I’m never going to forget it. I tried to stay out there as long as possible. »

Vasquez himself was more emotional, as you might imagine.

« It’s just great, man, great, it’s great, » he said of the court storming. « It’s an unbelievable feeling. I’m just proud of my teammates and I’m so thankful to be here enjoying this moment. So it’s unbelievable. »

You want more emotional? Here’s what he said about Gary Williams.

« He’s my father, my friend, my mentor, my everything, » Vasquez said. « You know, he motivated me. Every time I see him, I see myself. Hopefully I look better. But I just love him. I love him. I will never leave him or anything like that. I will always have his back. And I’m gonna always come back to this place. Always. Always….I love this place, man. This is my house. »

Others say the response is understandable, considering the area’s history.

The confrontation lasted for hours. Afterwards, people took pictures of blood on a sidewalk. A group of students said the blood was from their friend who was beaten by police.

Local bars remained open, and many students were still making their way inside, even as police pushed back.

The rioters did receive some encouragement from the school’s famous alumni, including All-Pro defensive end Shawne Merriman, now with the San Diego Chargers, who tweeted, « Route 1 by the university better be on fire tonight. »

Tear gas, police horses deployed as MD fans riot after beating Duke


March 4, 2010

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — After the Maryland Terrapins beat Duke, 79-72, people gathered on Route 1 to celebrate

Soon, the crowd took down a traffic sign and rocked a bus. Police in riot gear tried clearing people from the streets. Officers were on horses, others used shields to physically push people back.

Some say the police went too far, using tear gas and shooting sand bags while people ran away.

As for that house, it got a bit peppy later in the night. I didn’t make it over to Route 1 until about 12:10, by which point the whole joint was filled with flashing lights and officers diverting cars anywhere but into the mayhem. When I finally looped around, parked and got there on foot, there was a circling helicopter and loads of riot police and lots of kids, milling about and exchanging stories about running into horses and seeing tear gas and all the rest. The streets themselves were eerily empty, with all the kids gathered on the sidewalks. Read more here. It felt like 2002 all over again.

I tried to approach the police to take a photo but one of them started yelling at me, so I left. Fortunately, the Post’s Sarah Voisin was there, and she recorded a series of amazing images.

27 arrested after snowball-throwing group confronts police after Maryland beats No. 4 Duke

Associated Press

March 4, 2010

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) — Police say they’ve arrested 27 people, including some University of Maryland students, after hundreds of basketball fans turned confrontational near the College Park campus.

Police spokesman Cpl. Larry Johnson says about 1,500 people poured onto U.S. Route 1 in Prince George’s County after Maryland beat No. 4 Duke 79-72 Wednesday night.

TV footage showed officers on horseback dispersing the crowd and police in riot gear patting down young men. Johnson says some in the crowd threw snowballs and ice at police and some officers suffered minor injuries.

Johnson says charges ranging from civil disturbance to destruction of property are pending against those arrested. Campus police say smaller groups there set fire to a tree and trash cans.

Maryland students riot after Duke win


4 mars 2010

After Maryland defeated hated rival Duke last night, students took to the street to celebrate. But when you mix college kids with alcohol, fire, and drugs you’re bound to get the police’s attention.

So what probably started out as something friendly and peaceful, turned into cops with riot gear bashing students over the head.

As a veteran of many riots at Michigan State and as somebody who has been tear gassed more than a few times, I can understand the students frustration. Police seem to take the “hit now, ask questions later” mentality.

And sadly, this will overshadow a spectacular night for Maryland basketball and coach Gary Williams. With a win at Virgina this weekend, the Terps will earn a share of the ACC regular season title. On top of that, they are one of the hottest teams in college basketball right now winning 12 of their last 14.

Going into the tournament they may very well end up with a 3 or 4 seed matching them against a #1 team in the Sweet Sixteen. Not sure anyone wants to face Maryland with the way they’ve been playing lately.

And the way their students riot, I’m not sure the police want to match up against them either.

~ par Alain Bertho sur 4 mars 2010.

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