Emeute à Al Dhale القاعدة الضالع au Yemen – octobre 2009


Al-Dhale’ riot injuries rise to thirteen, among them 8 soldiers

Oct 3, 2009 –

The number of victims in the riot acts in al-Dhale’, Yemen on Wednesday rose to 13 injured. Among the injured was the guard of the Agricultural Bank. This was the result of armed rioters attacking government establishments and institutions with stones and rocks.

Medical sources at An-Nassr Hospital have confirmed receiving seven soldiers wounded in Hubeil Jabari, as a result of an armed attack on a security checkpoint. A policeman was wounded in a similar attack at Shueib crossroads.

Director of the Agricultural Bank in al-Dhale’ mentioned to almotamar.net that one of the bank guards was taken to the hospital after receiving serious injuries in an attack on the bank by a group of rioters. The rioters attacks also included government institutions and nearby trade shops.

Director of al-Dhale’ Security, Ghazi Ahmed Ali, said security apparatuses arrested around 40 people instigating riots, attacking security men, blocking roads and removing the country flags from government buildings.

NewsYemen’s website has quoted the security chief of al-Dhale’ as saying that 8 security soldiers were injured in shooting fire at them by rioters, in addition to slight injuries on five citizens, pointing out that the situations are under control and roads were re-opened and are cleared of stones.

Eyewitnesses told almotamar.net that after a demonstration, gunmen blocked public roads, prevented traffic and brought down the national flags in a provocative move against security men there.


In Al-Dhale’ Governorate, there are 81 communities with a total population of 118,981 impacted by landmine/UXO contamination. No fewer than 33 of those are located in Qa’tabah district. A total of 147 mined areas with a reported surface of about 66.5 million square meters have been identified. Of the 66.5 million square meters of affected land, 65 million square meters is reported to be hillside, ridge, or gully overgrown, at least in part, with short grass, tall grass, bushes, and/or trees. The survey also recorded 59 recent1 and 457 less-recent2 mine victims in the affected communities.

~ par Alain Bertho sur 4 octobre 2009.

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