Emeute à Mostar – septembre 2009


Football sparks new violence in Mostar

10 September 2009 |

Source: Tanjug Mostar — Nine people were injured in violence that broke out in Mostar last night after the World Cup qualifier between England and Croatia, which England won 5-1.

Furious at their defeat, fans from the Croat half of the town began smashing shop windows, before turning on police, who were forced to retaliate firing tear gas.

According to a police statement, six police officers and three fans were injured in the clashes. All six were discharged from hospital after receiving treatment.

Police spokesman Srećko Boras said that eight people had been arrested, three of whom were minors.

Meanwhile, in the Muslim half of the town, the mood was much more festive after Bosnia-Herzegovina’s 1-1 draw against Turkey, putting the home side within touching distance of the finals. Police feared that the violence in the Croat half of the town could spill over the other side of the river, though their fears proved, ultimately, unfounded.


Thumping sparks Croat riots


11 sept. 2009

CROATIA fans rioted in southern Bosnia after the 5-1 loss to England, injuring nine.

Hooligans attacked police in Mostar, in the Croat area, after Wednesday’s match.

Cops used tear gas to disperse a group of Bosnian-Croat youths.

Six police and three attackers were hurt.

A spokesman said: « We detained eight, with three minors. »

In divided Bosnia, Bosnian-Croats and Bosnian-Serbs support the national teams of Croatia and Serbia.

Bosnian-Muslims support the nation.

Bosnia are second in Group Five after a 1-1 draw with Turkey.

RIOTS IN MOSTAR : After soccer defeat, hooligans attack the police

11 septembre 2009

Mostar bullies, irritated by a defeat, attack and injure six policemen.

After loss of Croatia’s soccer team against England, thirty hooligans from Mostar decided to vent their feelings in the worst possible way. As the Pincom website reports, a group of 30 hooligans and Croatian soccer team fans, attacked police officers near the city center.

Six policemen were injured and one of them is in very serious condition. Srecko Bosnjak, a spokesman for the county police, reports that only eight individuals were arrested, three of whom were minors. We also learn that hooligans reached the Mercator shopping center where they damaged window displays and other merchandise.

Investigators are currently trying to learn the identity of other individuals who participated in last night’s riots.

~ par Alain Bertho sur 11 septembre 2009.

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