Emeutes de l’électricité à Karachi mai 2009 (2)

Power-riot breaks out in Karachi, 2 trucks torched

Sunday, May 24, 2009

KARACHI: Riots erupted in some parts of the sprawling city here, when the citizens lost patience after over 20 hours of power outage at a stretch and burst out of their houses on the roads and streets expressing their angers by chanting slogans, burning tyres, pelting stones and blocking roads especially at Federal B Area, Aaisha Manzil, Dastagir Society and Yasinabad areas.

Police reaching the scene controlled the situation by resorting to aerial firing and teargas shelling. Meanwhile, the enraged crowds torched two trucks including one of the beverage company’s and fled away.


Riot erupts, as power outages, over-billing get unbearable

Sunday, May 24, 2009

KARACHI/LAHORE: The citizens irked by persistent electricity load-shedding and over-billing came out on the streets demonstrating against the atrocities of the concerned authorities, which at times went out of control and turned riotous.

Karachi Federal B Area electricity supply remained suspended since last evening due to some cable faults, which sparked violence as the people of the area raiding KESC local office ransacked and marched on the streets and roads voicing slogans against the authorities, burning tyres, pelting stones and blocking the roads. Federal B area blocks 2, 7, 8, 9, 14 and 15 besides other localities were thrown into pitched darkness since last hot humid evening, as the electricity supply went off and despite repeated complaints from the people nothing positive came forth from the KESC office, the enraged protesting torched two trucks, while the Federal B Area residents this morning ransacked the local office of KESC, as there was none to even register their complaints.

The police reaching tried pacifying the riotous crowds by holding talks, but no one from the KESC side came forward.

On the other hand, Lahorites—men and women included demonstrated against high electricity bills and protracted load-shedding by tearing into pieces electricity bills and torching them at Garhi Shahoo, beating chests and voicing slogans
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~ par Alain Bertho sur 24 mai 2009.

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