Incidents entre la police et la population : Baiyin 白银 en Chine mai 2009


Disctrict de Baiyin – 白银区 Báiyín Qū

Xian de Huining 会宁县 Huìníng Xiàn

Misreported Chinese Cyclist Police Beating Sparks Outrage


Public outrage over the violent beating of Huining resident 18-year-old Zhang Bin appears to have increased after China’s state-run media misreported the event.

The official Xinhua report says that on May 19 Zhang Bing, an unemployed youth posing as a student, ran a red light in Baiyin City, Gansu Province. Traffic police were unable to stop him before he collided with traffic. However, eyewitnesses posted online that Zhang Bin was in fact a university student who was pulled off his bike and violently assaulted by four or five traffic police officers.

Angered bystanders surrounded police vehicles and overturned them. By nightfall authorities deployed riot police wielding electric batons to disperse protestors gathering in their thousands.

Contrary to Xinhua reports masses threw mineral water bottles and garbage in retaliation – not bricks; others vandalized the buildings of the County Party Committee and other offices.

Mainland Chinese Internet users have accused the state-run media of playing down the event to divert public attention. They argue that police nearly killed Zhang and shouldn’t be let off with mere dismissal.

Hundreds rally in China over police beating

21 mai 2009

BEIJING (AFP) — As many as 1,000 protestors took to the streets in northwestern China after police officers allegedly beat a cyclist for running a red light, state media reported Thursday.

The angry mob in Huining county, Gansu province, overturned a police car late Tuesday before around 100 backup police arrived, the Global Times daily newspaper said, citing witnesses.

Ten police officers and government officials were injured as the crowd threw bricks at them, according to a statement posted on the local government’s website Wednesday.

Around 200 protestors then moved to surround government buildings and did not disperse until midnight, the statement said.

Witnesses said the protest was triggered by some traffic officers beating a 19-year-old man after he failed to stop at a red light, the Global Times said.

Local officials said there were two traffic police officers and three traffic assistants involved in the quarrel that then escalated into a « physical conflict », it added.

The government statement said the traffic assistants would be fired, but did not mention how the police officers would be dealt with.

Local residents said the confrontation reflected people’s long-time resentment of heavy-handed policing in the county, said the Global Times.

« I know they were enforcing the law, but they were rough in the way they did it, which made them look like predators, » said a woman surnamed Li, who said she saw the beating of the cyclist, according to the report.

Allegations of police brutality are frequently made in China. Two human rights lawyers were this month allegedly violently attacked by officers in Chongqing municipality in the nation’s southwest.

Spontaneous riots are also frequent, as this week in east China’s Nanjing city when clashes took place at a university after security guards sought to stop a group of students from peddling products.

甘肃会宁数百群众围堵县政府 源起交通违章处理

来源:南方都市报  2009-05-21


本报综合消息 甘肃省会宁县19日中午发生一起因交通民警和协管员处理交通违章不当而引发的群体事件。昨日傍晚,白银市官方表示,事件已妥善处置,会宁县交警大队涉及该事件的3名协管员已被辞退。


经查,这名青年叫张兵,会宁县柴门乡冯岩村上芦岔社人,1988年8月13日出生,无业。他从交警大队出来 后,见围观群众未散,遂跃上警车引擎盖,自称他是学生,被交警打伤,煽动群众闹事,致使围观群众增多,最多时近千人。当晚8时左右,会宁县委、县政府组织 力量在将该警车拖走的过程中,有10名民警和干部被现场群众用砖块等物打伤。随后,围观群众约200人左右又转移到该县委、县政府统办楼门口。




会宁县随后举行的相关会议决定,由市县交警主管部门对事件当事人会宁县交警大队协管员何俊昌、曲艺、任浩天 做出辞退的处理决定,2名当事的交警接受警方的专项调查。此外,调查组强调,对于在此事中有过激和违法行为的人将依法严肃处理,绝不姑息。目前,事件调查 工作还在进一步进行当中。


中新 《西部商报》

Officers sacked after violent street protest

By Hu Yinan (China Daily)


Three traffic police assistants have been sacked after they sparked a mass protest in which one thousand people poured onto the streets and officers were pelted with bricks.

The incident began in Baiyin city, Gansu province, between traffic police and a cyclist who officials say « failed to stop » at a red light around noon.

According to an anonymous eyewitness, the traffic police and their assistants « pulled Zhang Bing off his bike and beat him until blood was all over his face. » Zhang only quarreled with the police when they tried to take him away to wash off the blood, the source said on China News Net.

In the Baiyin government’s version of events, Zhang is a jobless 21-year-old who « agitated the crowd by jumping onto a police car, claiming to be a student who had been beaten by the officers ».

As a crowd of up to 1,000 gathered and more police arrived, a confrontation between protesters and police broke out. Ten officers and government officials were injured by brick-throwing protestors, the government said.

After that, « about 200 protesters surrounded the county government building », according to the official story, which says the crowd did not disperse until midnight.

Nanjing confrontation

Officers from the urban management corps of Nanjing, capital city of Jiangsu province, are in the spotlight after causing the city’s largest university unrest in years.

The officers, whose identity in recent years has been synonymous with brutality against the poor and often unregistered street vendors, allegedly attacked a group of students who set up sidewalk stalls in the city’s Jiangning district on Monday about 6pm.

Claiming a female student was injured in the incident, thousands of outraged students from the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics took to the streets and cut off traffic for nearly five hours.

The students carried slogans in both Chinese and English claiming to protest through Gandhian « nonviolent noncooperation », and used cellphone cameras to take photos which were uploaded and widely circulated across online forums.

The photos showed students approach dozens of traffic and riot police with signs reading « help vulnerable social groups and construct a harmonious society » – a vow of the central government since 2004.

The line of riot police, who arrived on scene at about 9 pm, was at one point broken through by protestors, according to eyewitnesses who recalled the incident online on early Tuesday.

The stalemate ended at close to 11 pm, when the students gradually began to leave, witnesses say.

交通違章起衝突 甘肅千人圍政府









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