Affrontements à Nánjīng 南京 Mai 2009


Students, police clash in east China city: Rights group

20 May 2009, AFP

BEIJING: Thousands of students clashed with local security forces in eastern China, in unrest coming just days before the 20th anniversary of the

Tiananmen crackdown, a rights group said.

Students from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics took to the streets late Monday after local government security guards allegedly beat several students, the Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy said.

Several thousand students began demonstrating and blocking the street, » the Hong Kong-based rights group said in a statement late Tuesday.

« The college students clashed with riot police, resulting in injuries to 30 students. One police car was smashed by protesters. »

At least five students were detained by police as the protests continued early Tuesday morning, it said.

The demonstration erupted after city security guards tried to stop a handful of students from peddling items at an unregistered night market in front of the university, it said.

Several of the students were beaten and roughed up, it said.

Officials in Nanjing’s Jiangning district government, where the university is located, refused to comment on the unrest when contacted by AFP, as did local police.

« None of this happened at all, » a security official at the university told said.

« No students were detained, beaten, or injured. There were no clashes between students and security guards or police. »

Photos of the unrest posted on the Internet showed hundreds of people gathered in an intersection blocking traffic, some holding signs calling for an apology from the security guards.

Pictures of ordinary policemen facing down protesters were also shown, as were images of a row of fully equipped riot police.

The unrest occurred ahead of the 20th anniversary of the bloody June 4 crushing of the Tiananmen democracy protests, when authorities called in the military to quell six weeks of peaceful protests in central Beijing.

Police disperse student protest in China

20 mai 2009

Chinese police dispersed a crowd of angry student protesters just weeks ahead of the highly sensitive 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests.

Nanjing: A female student was allegedly beaten unconscious, bringing hundreds of her classmates onto the streets to protest last Monday night

Nanjing: A female student was allegedly beaten unconscious, bringing hundreds of her classmates onto the streets to protest last Monday night

Nanjing: A female student was allegedly beaten unconscious, bringing hundreds of her classmates onto the streets to protest last Monday night

Hundreds of students from the city of Nanjing in Jiangsu Province clashed with local government security officers – known as ‘Chengguan’ – during an attempt to close an illegal roadside stall being run by students. Police were called to break up the crowd.

A female student was allegedly beaten unconscious, bringing hundreds of her classmates onto the streets to protest last Monday night, according to anonymous testimonies on posted on public internet bulletin boards. « After the female student was [reportedly] beaten, her schoolmates started to yell out slogans and the students nearby started to gather, » a post on Tianya bulletin board said.

« Soon the students outnumbered the Chengguan. They surrounded the Chengguan and their cars. The two parties had some physical conflicts. And some people were injured. »

However a statement issued by the local government played down the protests, denying any students had been beaten or verbally abused or that students were the target of the Chengguan’s enforcement operation against street vendors.

« Some of the students had mistakenly thought that two people escorted from the scene by officers were students, which led to students and citizens forming a crowd, » the statement said.

Onlookers dispersed at 11 p.m. after being « educated and advised » by the relevant government departments, it added.

Although students protests are not uncommon in China – most are tied to complaints about poor living conditions and worthless diplomas – the unrest comes at a time when Chinese authorities are seeking to downplay any recollection of the Tiananmen Square protests.

While not overtly political, such demonstrations also provide an uneasy reminder of the potential volatility of Chinese students at a time when China is facing rising graduate unemployment caused by the global financial crisis.

The incident was not reported in China’s national media, but photographs posted on the internet showed a large crowd of several hundred students gathered outside the north gate of the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Several carried signs with slogans in Chinese and English, including « non-violence and non-cooperation » and « help vulnerable social groups and co-construct a harmonious society, » mocking a favourite phrase of China’s Communist rulers.

According to another anonymous account, the authorities moved swiftly to contain the threat of unrest.

« When the university heard the news, it sealed the campus gates immediately to prevent students from getting out, » said the post, which included photographs of students crowding onto balconies above the street to support the protest.

It added: « Students who were locked inside the campus yelled out slogans together with students on-site, that they wanted an apology from the Chengguan. »

Calls to the university authorities in Nanjing went unanswered yesterday.


同窗擺攤被打 上千人示威爆衝突

來源 中國時報 2009-05-21 04:43:49



事發後南航大學數千名學生上街示威,手持標語、高呼口號要求城管道歉,把將軍路和盛泰路堵得水泄不通。學生還打出「非暴力,不合作」(non-violentnon cooperation)標語。









事 發後,憤怒的學生聚集現場示威,情緒激動,合力攔住城管執法車,要求城管「放人」並「道歉」,現場後來聚集數千名學生和民眾,附近交通癱瘓,有人還打出 「非暴力不合作、non-violentnon cooperation」,「幫扶弱勢群體共建安定和諧社會」橫額。大批防暴警察趕至現場戒備,期間有數名學生爬上警車,企圖掀翻,但被警察拉下。




2009-05-19 1

南京都市網出現一篇帖子,講述了18日晚南京一名城管打人後,導致南航大學旁十字路口圍聚了上千名學生和民眾,交通被迫中段,多路公 車被迫繞道,或者停靠路邊,學生在人行道上坐成一排,把將軍大道攔腰分割。 帖子引述目擊者的話稱:「晚上剛好在托樂嘉吃完飯吃完了出來大概630分走到蘇果超市的路口看見來了4車城市管理者小卡、依維柯、房車,我立馬想到了蘇 果超市門口廣場擺地攤的學生,頓時城市管理者到處搶、到處砸,城市管理者果然百聞不如一見……」目擊者表示,部分學生不服,與城市管理者發生衝突城市管理 者罵人、抓人學生頓時堵起路口,高喊「罵人!道歉!」然後城市管理者開始抓學生,學生們又開始高喊「放人!放人!」 並且堵住各個路口,圍住被抓同學所在車輛氣勢宏大。


美東時間: 2009-05-19





Affrontements entre les étudiants et la police à Nankin


Plusieurs milliers d’étudiants ont manifesté dans la nuit du 17 au 18 mai dans la banlieue de Nankin et des échauffourées ont eu lieu avec la police, rapporte le South China Morning Post. Citant le Centre d’information pour les droits de l’homme et la démocratie, basé à Hong Kong, le quotidien hongkongais raconte qu’un conflit a éclaté entre les gardes municipaux et des étudiants vendant quelques objets à la porte de l’université d’aéronautique de Nankin.

Les gardes auraient battu cinq de ces étudiants, plusieurs milliers de leurs camarades auraient manifesté et bloqué des rues de Jiangning, où se situe l’université. Trois étudiants ont été arrêtés par la police. Au cours des affrontements avec la police armée, trente étudiants auraient été blessés. Ces incidents surviennent à quelques jours du 20e anniversaire de la répression du mouvement étudiant de la place Tian’anmen à Pékin. Le 7 mai, des centaines d’étudiants avaient manifesté à Hangzhou après la mort d’un des leurs, tué par un conducteur imprudent.

















Tiananmen : la Chine n’a pas oublié

Mercredi 20 Mai 2009

A l’approche du 20ème anniversaire de la répression sanglante de Pékin, les manifestations d’étudiants se multiplient.

Daphné Mongibeaux –

« Rien de cela ne s’est produit », a affirmé un responsable de la sécurité de l’Université d’Aéronautique et d’Astronautique de Nankin.

Pourtant, d’après le Centre d’information pour les droits de l’Homme et la démocratie basé à Hongkong, des milliers d’étudiants ont affrontés lundi les forces de sécurité après que l’un des leurs eut été brutalisé par des gardes de sécurité. D’après l’information révélée mercredi par cette ONG, une voiture de police a été détruite par les manifestants, 30 jeunes ont été blessés et au moins cinq ont été interpellés.

Le 7 mai, des étudiants de l’Université de Zhejiang, à l’est de la ville de Hangzhou, avaient également manifesté suite à la mort accidentelle d’un de leur camarade, fauché par une voiture.
Moins de trois semaines avant la commémoration des vingt ans de la répression des manifestations en faveur de la démocratie place Tiananmen, le 4 juin 1989, le frisson de révolte des étudiants chinois inquiète les autorités.

SCMPOST 19MAY09 CH NANJING1  Nanjing2.jpg

Massive student protests in Nanjing

Wed, 20 May 2009.

Thousands of college students in Nanjing clash with police, 30 injured

Thousands of students fought with police in the southern Chinese city of Nanjing after the city’ s administration officers beat up student vendors. The incident occurred on Monday evening, 18 May, at a time of high alert for the ‘communist’ authorities ahead of the 20th anniversary of the June 4th Massacre. Five students including one female student from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics were reportedly beaten up by Nanjing City Management [Bureau], trying to clear the area in front of the university. This led to a street-blocking demonstration by thousands of students from that university. A bloody clash between thousands of students and riot police reportedly ensued, continuing into Tuesday morning. Thirty students were injured, and one police car was smashed up. The police station in Nanjing’s Jiangning Development Zone and the security office at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics confirmed the incident for the Infirmation Centre for Human Rights in Hong Kong.

According to ICHR, on Monday evening, five students were selling wares (a common way to raise money for costly higher education) in the Jiangning campus area of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, when they were hit and injured by City Management [i.e. personnel of the City Management and Law Enforcement Bureau]. One of the students was a woman. The incident led college students whose grievances against the City Management [Bureau] had been accumulating for a long time to charge out the campus gate and into the street to demonstrate. Thousands of college students held up signs and shouted slogans. Jiangjun Road at the entrance to Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Shengtai Road were blocked so tightly nothing could get through. Until 8pm the students put up more and more protest banners. During this time a police car injured a student, and three students were taken away by Public Security, angering students. Several thousand students began charging a human wall formed by riot police, and a bloody clash with the police ensued in which 30 students were injured and one police car was destroyed. The demonstration continued until early Tuesday morning, breaking up at 1am. The police station in Nanjing’s Jiangning Development Zone confirmed that a major demonstration by students took place.

The entire incident seems to have been provoked by aggressive tactics from both the City Management Bureau and, later, by the police. Photographs posted on the internet and published in the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) show student protesters holding up placards in English as well as Chinese with the slogan, ‘Non-violent and non-cooperation’, inspired by the U.S. civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King.

Underlining just how sensitive student protests are in this pre-June 4th period, leaders of the provincial government arrived at the university on Tuesday, to insure the protests are nipped in the bud. Students said that all of the professors have been mobilised to do student work and prevent another street demonstration. As many as a hundred riot police personnel were standing by at the entrance to the university. This was the second incident of public student unrest in less than ten days in China. On 7 May, hundreds of students at Zhejiang University staged a demonstration along the roads of Hangzhou following the killing of a fellow student by a speeding driver. The incident attracted huge interest on the internet. While the trigger for these incidents does not at first sight appear to be political, both cases show the tense situation that exists on campuses across China as university costs soar, burdening many families with years of indebtedness, while job prospects for graduates are evaporating as a result of the severe

Des milliers d’étudiants ont manifesté à Nankin, selon une ONG

20/5/2009 AFP

Des milliers d’étudiants se sont affrontés aux forces de sécurité dans l’est de la Chine après que l’un des leurs eut été brutalisé par des gardes de sécurité, a annoncé mercredi une organisation non-gouvernementale. Les incidents se sont produits lundi, moins de trois semaines avant un anniversaire symbolique: les vingt ans de la répression des manifestations d’étudiants en faveur de la démocratie place Tiananmen, le 4 juin 1989.

Ils ont impliqué les étudiants de l’Université d’Aéronautique et d’Astronautique de Nankin, selon le Centre d’Information pour les droits de l’Homme et la Démocratie basé à Hong Kong. « Des milliers d’étudiants ont manifesté et bloqué les rues. Ils se sont affrontés à la police anti-émeutes et 30 d’entre eux ont été blessés. Une voiture de police a été détruite par les manifestants », selon le Centre. Au moins cinq jeunes ont été interpellés et des manifestations se sont poursuivies mardi matin.

Le mécontentement a éclaté après que quelques étudiants eurent été battus par des gardes de sécurité de la ville lors d’une altercation sur un marché de nuit informel, en face de leur Université.

Contactées par l’AFP, les autorités locales ont refusé tout commentaire. Un responsable de la sécurité de l’Université a pour sa part nié tout incident: « Rien de cela ne s’est produit », a-t-il affirmé. Plusieurs photographies sur l’internet montrent des centaines de personnes rassemblées à un carrefour, dont certaines tiennent des pancartes exigeant des excuses des gardes de sécurité. D’autres montrent des policiers face aux protestataires, mais aussi des policiers anti-émeutes.

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