Emeute à Oum El Bouaghi ولاية أم البواقي mars 2009


ولاية أم البواقي


10 injured in riots in Oum El Bouaghi


5 mars 2009

Home invasion conducted by Gendarmerie raises citizens’ anger in El Tarf

About 150 citizens living at Boukos municipality through the borders separating Algeria, to Tunisia, rallied at the municipal square, in protest against the home invasion conducted by National Gendarmerie and Police services, against a cattle breeder, last Monday night.
According to the complaint submitted by the victim to the Court of El Tarf, the National Gendarmerie and Police elements have invaded the stables of the cattle breeder, and have broken all the doors and other tools.

In this regard, the majority of people living in this region have expressed their uproar following this home invasion, saying that the operation did not target cows, but it could be as a result of false information dealing with arms and drugs smuggling. All of them agreed that the victim is a cattle breeder.

Furthermore, demonstrations broken out between the National Gendarmerie elements, and a group of citizens at Ain Fekroun town in Oum El Bouaghi eastern province, 4 National Gendarmerie left injured. The riots erupted following the car hunt undertaken by the National Gendarmerie against a 4-wheel drive car loaded with spare parts to be smuggled across the Tunisian borders, the National Gendarmerie elements have opened fire against the 2 smugglers, who hail from Tebessa southernmost province.

According to a local source, this incident raised the anger of those who witnessed the facts; they have used blocks to attack National Gendarmerie elements, injuring 4 at least.

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~ par Alain Bertho sur 5 mars 2009.

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