« Communal riot » à रुद्रपुर Rudrapur (त्तराखण्डउ Uttarakhand) : quatre morts – 2 octobre 2011

Communal riots in Rudrapur, 3 killed


Shishir Prashant / New Delhi/ Dehradun October 3, 2011

The industrial town of Rudrapur in Uttarakhand was today brought under curfew following widespread clashes between members of two communities that left three people dead and scores of others injured.

Rudrapur-Pantnagar twin industrial towns attained prominence after big industrial houses like Nestle, Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto and others set up their manufacturing units there during the past few years. There were no report of any damage to the industries which were closed on account of Mahatama Gandhi’s birth anniversary today.

The authorities were forced to clamp curfew on Rudrapur town, the district headquarters of Udhamsingh Nagar following an alleged act of sacrilege, which triggered widespread clashes early this morning with members of two communities indulging in running street battles. In the ensuing clashes, nearly 5 shops and scores of vehicles were torched.

Industrial production is likely to be affected tomorrow as majority of factory workers live in Rudrapur town which is under curfew, said Udhamsingh Nagar District Magistrate B V R Purushotam.

« The curfew has been clamped to deal with the situation in Rudrapur town where nearly four to five shops and scores of vehicles were also torched, » said Purushotam said. read more…

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Rudrapur is a city and a municipal board in Udham Singh Nagar district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.It comes under one of the most fertile ares of India,i.e. TARAI Region.It is also known as Mini Chandigarh,as the maximumउत्तराखण्ड population is of Punjabi and the it has been made in a planned way.

~ par Alain Bertho sur 2 octobre 2011.

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