Jeune abattu par la police : émeute à السلط‎ Salt – novembre 2010

Calm restored in Salt following four days of riots’

By Rana Husseini

AMMAN – Calm was restored in Salt yesterday following four days of riots that broke out following the shooting of a young man by a police patrol on Wednesday, official sources said.

Suleiman Khreisat was shot once in the head during a police chase of his vehicle, which had no licence plates and broken front and back windows, Police Spokesperson Lt. Colonel Mohammad Khatib told The Jordan Times.

“There were three people in the vehicle and the driver refused to stop for a patrol unit on the Salt road. The patrol chased the vehicle and on the way was attacked by area residents throwing stones,” the police official said. more …

Jordanians riot over police shooting

The Associated Press


Sunday, November 21, 2010

AMMAN, Jordan — Calm was restored to the northwestern Jordanian town of Salt on Sunday after four days of rioting sparked by the shooting of an alleged traffic violator, police said.

Suleiman Khreisat remains in critical condition after he sustained a gunshot wound to the head after he drove through a police road block on Wednesday, said police spokesman Lt. Col. Mohammed al-Khatib. more…


Salt (Arabic: السلط‎As-Salt — pronounced As-Sult or As-Sàlt) is an ancient agricultural town and administrative centre in west-central Jordan. It is on the old main highway leading from Amman to Jerusalem. Situated in the Balqa highland, about 790–1100 metres above sea level, the town is built in the crook of three hills, close to the Jordan River valley. One of the three hills (Jebal Al Qal’a) is the site of a 13th century ruined fortress. It is the capital of the Balqa Governorate.The Greater Salt Municipality has about 97,000 inhabitants (2006).

~ par Alain Bertho sur 21 novembre 2010.

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