Elections : émeute à اربد Irbid et عمان Amman – 9 novembre 2010


One killed, four injured during election clashes in Jordan


Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

By BNO News

AMMAN, JORDAN (BNO NEWS) — One person on Tuesday was killed and four more were injured after clashes between supporters of rival candidates in southern Jordan during the nation’s Parliament elections, local media reported.

A 25-year-old man was killed in the clashes that took place in the town of Imrea, near the city of Kerak. To prevent further escalation of violence, police forces cordoned the area. In addition, four individuals were injured in the confrontation.

In a separate incident, supporters of a candidate running in the town of Abu Banna, about 8 kilometers of Tafileh, fired gunshots and injured two people in the shootout. After that, clashes between supporters erupted in front of the election centers in the town.

The two injured individuals were rushed to the military-run Prince Zayd Hospital, 3 kilometers south of Tafileh. In the violent clashes, vehicles were vandalized and a Tafileh resident was arrested in possession of 4 forged ID cards.

The elections were boycotted by the Muslim Brotherhood, Jordan’s main opposition group. In consequence, the parliamentary election will likely result in the election of candidates with tribal links and loyal to the ruling government as the opposition Islamists pulled out.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm the Islamist Action Front (IAF) boycotted the polls after a new electoral law enacted last May that they allege that was designed to limit their influence. Jordan allowed for the first time 250 international observers to monitor the election process.

After the polls closed, only 33.72 percent of registered voters in Amman had cast ballots as informed by the elections Central Committee. This amount was the lowest in the country and is a direct consequence of the Islamists’ boycott.

Police use tear gas to disperse Riots, Clashes in Amman


By Anas Damra

AMMONNEWS – Major riots renewed Tuesday evening in Bayader Wadi Al Sir in southwestern Amman after supporters of parliamentary candidates reignited clashes.

Rioters threw rocks at vehicles passing by the area.

Police and gendarmerie forces cordoned off the area and closed the major roads leading to Al Bayader.

Police used tear gas again Tuesday afternoon to disperse rioters.

The clashes between candidate supporters renewed three times already on Tuesday.


AMMONNEWS – Gendarmerie forces late Tuesday afternoon intensified their presence in Bayader Wadi Sir area west of Amman and surrounding areas after widespread clashes occurred between supporters of several candidates competing in the district.

Security forces blockaded the main road leading to the Eighth Circle in Amman to avoid any harm to drivers or their vehicles, as rioters were vandalizing property in the clashes.

Security forces are currently working to disperse hundreds of rioters that stormed into the streets in Bayader district due to the fight.

Police used tear gas to disperse the rioters.

In an attempt to contain the recurring violence in Bayader Wadi Sir in western Amman, Amman Police Chief Brigadier General Tayel Majali headed to one candidate’s headquarters, while Chief of the Criminal Investigation Department Brigadier General Fadel Hmoud headed to the other candidate’s headquarters to convince their followers to contain the riots.

Clashes broke out Tuesday afternoon in which rioters vandalized vehicles and destroyed property of a candidate’s headquarters.

Rioters moved from the candidate’s headquarters to the polling center in Bayader after police dispersed them and blockaded main roads there.

In a separate incident, the town of Qadissiyah (30 km south of Tafileh governorate in Southern Jordan) witnessed an electricity outage


Riots in 3 cities as election results trickle in


2010-11-10 By Banan Malkawi

AMMONNEWS – Clashes erupted Tuesday evening between Gendarmerie security forces and supporters of a parliamentary candidate in Salt, Balqaa governorate, northwest of Amman.

The clashes erupted in front of Hala Bint Al Azwar following the ballot-counting process.

Supporters of a candidate had contested the results of ballot boxes.

Gendarmerie forces clashed with rioters and used tear gas to disperse them.

In a separate incident, gendarmerie anti-riot forces also clashed with supporters of a winning candidate near Al Sarow district in Salt, Al Balqaa governorate as crowds blocked the main road in celebration of their candidate’s success.

Tense Security Situation in Irbid Villages



AMMONNEWS – Police surrounded Moa’ab area in Northern Mazar district in northern Jordan following clashes between candidates’ supporters.

Gunshots were exchanged between candidates’ supporters, no injuries were reported according to Ammon News Karak reporter Muhammad Al Khawaldeh.

In a separate incident, clashes broke out in Irbid’s Fifth District (Bani Kenanah), security sources told Ammon News.

The clashes resulted in vandalizing 4 vehicles.

Riots also erupted in the town of Kufr ‘Ana in Koura District, 2 people sustained minor injuries and two cars were vandalized.

~ par Alain Bertho sur 10 novembre 2010.

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