Elections : affrontements à Burdwan বর্ধমান – octobre 2010

Left, Trinamool war on the streets


27 Oct 2010

Violent clashes continue in Bengal in the run up to next year’s assembly polls. In the latest incident the clashes between the Trinamool Congress and the Left party workers today on the on the streets of Burdwan, West Bengal, left seven people getting injured.

The fight was over an alleged corruption in the Burdwan University. Party workers took to the streets hurling countrymade bombs and ransacked offices. Rapid Action Force has been deployed all over the town to bring the situation under control. No arrest have been made yet.

Biman slams Trinamool for varsity clash

The Left Front today criticised the Trinamool Congress for its for alleged involvement in clashes in Burdwan University campus, saying it was reminiscent of the anarchy in the 70s in varsities and colleges under Congress

« The Trinamool Congress ransack of the campus yesterday is reminiscent of the 70s when there were murders there and examinations stalled in the Calcutta University and the then vice-chancellor of Jadavpur University killed, » Left Front chairman Biman Basu told a rally of Sishu Siksha Kendra and Madhyamik Siksha Kendra teachers.

The attacks had occurred when recruitment process was on, he said, adding though all transparency was maintained the attackers had tried to disrupt it by setting fire and destroying university property.

Accusing the Trinamool Congress of depriving students of their right to education, Bose said if such anarchy was allowed to be continued in education, the good work done by the SSK and MSK teachers would come to naught.

« I therefore, appeal to you, break the fangs of those who are trying to create trouble in the educational institutions. Otherwise, all your good work will come to naught, » Bose said.

Pointing out that a small percentage of dropouts existed despite introduction of mid-day meals in the SSKs and MSKs, he asked the teachers to prevent students from dropping out of schools.

Fresh violence in Burdwan town, police stage flag march


Burdwan (WB), Oct 27 (PTI): Violence today gripped Burdwan town again after yesterday’s clashes between activists of the Trinamool Congress and CPI-M, even as Rapid Action Force personnel staged flag marches at sensitive places.

Hoodlums exploded at least ten bombs in areas adjacent to the Bardhaman railway station where a Trinamool party office was ransacked yesterday, police said.

Passengers who deboarded from trains were not allowed by police to leave the station, lest they become targets of any attack. Shops were also not allowed to open shutters there.

RAF and Specially Trained Armed Company personnel are patrolling the area.

A Trinamool Congress party office at Lakshmipur in front of the CPI-M district office was ransacked by a mob.

CPI-M district secretary Amal Haldar alleged that Trinamool Congress was wilfully staging violent acts in the town on an issue best left to the Burdwan University authorities to sort out.


Bardhaman (also Barddhaman; Bengali: বর্ধমান Bôrdhoman), is a city of West Bengal state in eastern India. It is the headquarters of Bardhaman District. Bardhaman has been a district capital since the time of Mughals. Later on it became a district headquarters of British India. Burdwan is an alternative name for the city, which remains in use since the British period.

~ par Alain Bertho sur 28 octobre 2010.

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