Emeute à Dujiangyan 都江堰 (Sichuan 花椒) après la mort de deux ouvriers – 11 octobre 2010

Workers’ Deaths Lead to Riot



Protesters in southern China demand justice from authorities after the deaths of two fellow workers.

Two migrant construction workers died after being severely beaten by their employers over wage issues in southwest China’s Dujiangyan city in Sichuan province, sparking mass riots.

Some 1,000 policemen were deployed to keep several thousand protesters at bay following the incident on Oct. 11 evening, eyewitnesses and reports said.

According to a Chinese Internet message board posting, some 3,000 people took part in the demonstrations and blocked a key road in the city. A dozen of them have been arrested for questioning as the mob smashed police cars to vent their anger.

A day later, hundreds of protesters maintained their demand for justice from the police, joined by curious onlookers.

The two killed were among workers who demanded unpaid wages from their local employers, resulting in a fight and the duo severely beaten.

They are believed to have died at the hospital.

Protesting conditions

In recent months, a series of suicides and strikes hit factories in southern China as workers protested against labor conditions.

Most bosses of factories where the incidents occurred responded by increasing salaries and improving working conditions.

Taiwan-invested Foxconn, which assembles Apple’s iPhone, said in June it had signed an agreement with two property management companies to take over the running of on-site housing for 450,000 of its migrant workers.

Foxconn also announced salary increases in June after 11 Chinese employees apparently committed suicide by jumping from buildings this year, including 10 in Shenzhen.

Critics have blamed inhuman working conditions at the plant for the suicides, as China faces a wave of industrial action at foreign-invested companies over pay and working conditions.

Some observers expect more strikes as reports of the better working conditions spread in southern China.

Deadly protest

Global Times

October 13 2010]

Police in southwest China’s Dujiangyan dispersed nearly 1,000 people who blocked a highway Tuesday after a wage dispute left one person dead and another wounded.

Around 300 migrant workers gathered early Tuesday to protest at a highway exit leading to Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province.

The workers said that Lei Yong and Liao Xinglong were beaten by five people from the Jiaxun Labor Service Company when they tried to claim unpaid wages Monday.

Lei later died in hospital. Shortly after Lei’s death, hundreds of his co-workers blocked the highway in protest.

They dispersed at around 3:30 am Tuesday, after two of the five suspects were detained by police, but protested again a few hours later.

Police are still searching for the three other suspects.

Workers blockade road in China after one dies in wage dispute


Beijing, Oct 12 (PTI) In a rare display of anger, hundreds of migrant workers in a southwest Chinese city today blocked a highway, protesting a brutal assault by the staff of a private company in a wage-dispute that resulted in the death of one of their co-workers.

Police in southwest China »s Dujiangyan city dispersed nearly 1,000 people who blocked a highway after a wage dispute left one person dead and another wounded, state-run Xinhua reported.

Around 300 migrant workers gathered early today to protest at a highway exit leading to Dujiangyan, capital of Sichuan Province, police in Chengdu said.

The protesting workers carried funeral wreaths and banners calling for justice for the two victims.

Some 700 onlookers also joined the crowd of workers and then clashed with the police.

More than 1,000 police officers were dispatched to the scene to keep order.

Lei Yong and Liao Xinglong — two construction workers went to their employer – Jiaxun Labor Service Company – at around 5 p m yesterday to claim their unpaid wages.

A fight then ensued and Lei and Liao were severely beaten by the company staff.

While Lei died in the hospital last evening, Liao is in the hospital in stable condition, the report said.

Shortly after Lei »s death, hundreds of his co-workers blocked Erhuan Road in Dujiangyan City.

The furious workers clashed with police and toppled a police vehicle.

They dispersed after two of the five suspects were detained by police, but later resumed their blockade with more people, a few hours later.

The crowd, however, dispersed and traffic resumed at around noon after Li Kunxue, chief of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau, promised protesters that the criminals would be punished according to law and that unpaid wages would be paid.

Search is on for the other three suspects, it said.

Such protests are rare in China where workers generally fear a crackdown.

China has witnessed labour unrest in recent months with workers in several plants, specially in top auto companies like Honda and Toyota going on spontaneous strikes demanding higher wages.

To stem the spread of the unrest, the government increased minimum wages while several private companies have worked out wage agreements registering a sharp increase in labour costs.

Dispersan a unas mil personas tras una protesta salarial en China



Una disputa salarial en una ciudad del suroeste se saldó con un muerto y un herido. Los compañeros de las víctimas protestaron cortando una carretera y se enfrentaron a las fuerzas de seguridad.

(SPANISH.CHINA.ORG.CN) – La policía de la ciudad de Dujiangyan, en el suroeste de China, dispersó a unas mil personas que bloquearon una carretera ayer luego de que una disputa salarial dejara a una persona muerta y a otra herida.

Unos 300 trabajadores inmigrantes se congregaron en las primeras horas de ayer martes para protestar en la salida de una carretera que conduce a Dujiangyan, a una hora de distancia en auto de Chengdu, capital de la provincia de Sichuan, dijo la policía de esta ciudad.

Los manifestantes llevaban coronas fúnebres y pancartas en las que pedían justicia para sus dos compañeros. Cerca de 700 peatones se unieron a la multitud que se enfrentó a la policía.

Más de 1,000 oficiales de policía fueron enviados al sitio para mantener el orden.

Lei Yong y Liao Xinglong eran dos de un total de ocho albañiles que acudieron con su patrón, la Compañía de Servicios Laborales Jiaxun, alrededor de las 17:00 horas del lunes para reclamar el pago de salarios retrasados. Posteriormente, se registró una riña.

Lei y Liao fueron golpeados severamente por el personal de la compañía. Lei murió en un hospital en lunes en la noche, mientras que Liao está hospitalizado en condición estable.

Poco después de la muerte de Lei, cientos de sus compañeros de trabajo bloquearon la carretera de circunvalación de la ciudad de Dujiangyan. Los trabajadores furiosos se enfrentaron a la policía y destruyeron un vehículo de las fuerzas del orden.

Los manifestantes se disperaron alrededor de las 3:30 horas de hoy, 30 minutos después de que dos de los cinco sospechosos fueran detenidos por la policía.

Sin embargo, los manifestantes acudieron en compañía de más gente unas horas después a la salida de la carretera.

La multitud fue dispersada y el tránsito se reanudó alrededor de las 11:30 horas, luego de que Li Kunxue, jefe del Buró de Seguridad Pública de Chengdu, prometiera a los manifestantes que los criminales serían castigados de acuerdo con la ley y que se pagarían los salarios pendientes.

La policía sigue buscando a los otros tres sospechosos.

民工讨薪被砍死 抢尸警察坐满12辆公交(组图)


青岛新闻网 2010-10-13 15:28:42 南方都市报 现有新闻评论










据了解,该建设项目为政府灾后重建安置房,但拖欠工资情况严重。一名赵姓工友透露,按照约定,在工程基本完工之时,他们才可以领取80%的 工资,平日只发放少许生活费维持正常生活。“原来说的是一个星期200元”,他说,但实际上往往是一个星期只有100元或者10天半个月才会发放一次,远 远无法满足日常开销。










港报:民工追薪遭打死 都江堰万人抗议

(香港)   (2010-10-13)

(联合早报网讯)香港明报报道,四川都江堰市昨日发生因劳资纠纷引发大规模骚乱事件。有农民工向资方追讨欠薪不果反被人打死,民情激愤下,逾万民众 在市区街道聚集和封路抗议,当局出动防暴警察清场。本报昨日致电都江堰公安局查询,对方称不能回答此问题,须向成都市公安局查询,不过,成都公安局政治部 则表示对事件不知情。

围市府掀警车 交通几瘫痪

据中国广播网报道,都江堰市胥家镇某安置房工地前日有农民工讨薪时,其中1人被打死。有目击者在网上称,昨日有上万人在街上聚集游行, 在二环路的高桥路口到都江堰大道路口附近,推倒路上铁马泄愤,并把部分铁马抬至各路口堵塞封路,致使都江堰大部分道路中断。目击者称,人群曾一度拉横 额,包围市政府要求答覆,后来并与到场警员冲突,掀翻数警车。不久,逾千名防暴大队人员到场,带走了示威的农民工。


都江堰民工讨生活费被砍死 项目为国企背景灾后重建


核心提示:都江堰农民工讨薪被砍死,警察被指殴打工人。事件 为“因劳资纠纷引发一起打斗事件”,大抵起因为讨薪未果酿发血案。多位农民工均强调,本次大家讨要的是日常吃饭钱!记者了解到,资方有国企背景且隶属都江 堰灾后重建项目,但至悲剧发生时,已至少有两个月未发工资。





据了解,该建设项目为政府灾后重建安置房,但拖欠工资情况严重。一位赵姓工友透露,按照约定,在工程基本完工之时,他们才可以领取80%的工 资,平日只发放少许生活费维持正常生活。“原来说的是一个星期200元”,他说,但实际上往往是一个星期只有一百元或者10天半个月才会发放一次,远远无 法满足日常开销。



Dujiangyan (都江堰 ; pinyin : Dūjiāngyàn) est une ville de la province du Sichuan花椒 en Chine. C’est une ville-district placée sous la juridiction administrative de la ville sous-provinciale de Chengdu.

~ par Alain Bertho sur 13 octobre 2010.

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